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Gary Steve: Overview

I am a father of three kids and a husband to one wife. I was a sweats-wearing remote worker turned Integrity advocate and speaker. You may not comprehend what that means, but I understand now that integrity defines EVERYTHING  we do and what is missing in our lives. There must be oneness in self and in life in order to truly be free to be you here must be an integration between what you say and do in order to truly be your authentic self. 


husband kissing wife on cheek

COVID-19 and Mental Health: My Personal Journey with Depression

"When my wife became pregnant just four months after our wedding, I was hit with a wave of overwhelming responsibility. Driven to provide for my family and discover my true passion, I pursued every idea, passion, and self-help book that promised financial success. From starting a business to owning assets and joining a startup, I tried it all. Yet despite my best efforts, every project failed. I was left feeling divided and unfulfilled, constantly compromising my time and goals in pursuit of quick riches.

But it wasn't just my professional life that suffered. My singular focus on financial success had taken a toll on my personal life as well. My wife, feeling neglected and unsatisfied, questioned whether I would ever be truly content. In that moment, I realized that my pursuit of wealth had come at the cost of my relationships, my happiness, and my sense of purpose.

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From Depression to Purpose: My Journey to Identity and Honesty

In spite of my reality, I welcomed another child into the world but my life was a chaotic mess. It wasn't until my wife's wise counsel and my ADHD diagnosis that I began taking care of myself, building relationships, and seeking counseling. However, the COVID lockdown threw me into a deep depression, leaving me feeling like a worthless, stay-at-home dad with no sense of self. I stopped caring about anything and everything, becoming reactive instead of proactive in my family's life.

I hit rock bottom when I began having suicidal thoughts, feeling unvalued and unloved. But then, through divine intervention, I stumbled upon a commentary in the Bible that changed everything. "What we do and what we believe cannot be separate," it said. I was out of alignment, inconsistent, and not living according to my beliefs. That realization led me down a scary but life-changing path and now it's my mission to help others find their identity alignment and live a life of integrity, purpose and impact.

That realization marked a turning point in my life. I shifted my focus to building a life of meaning, centered on authenticity and relational security. That moment was a turning point in my life, as I realized the importance of living a life of meaning, authenticity, and relational security. This inspired me to become a leadership keynote speaker with a focus on empowering and motivating others. Additionally, I started a father blog to share my experiences and insights on fatherhood and family life."

As a leadership keynote speaker, I'm dedicated to helping other men navigate the same challenges and rediscover their sense of purpose. Whether you're a father struggling to balance work and family, a husband seeking to deepen your relationship with your spouse, or simply someone searching for greater meaning and fulfillment, I'm here to help you lead a life of purpose and authenticity."

"Authenticity goes beyond merely doing what feels right. It is the alignment of your beliefs and actions, even when it may not be easy or convenient. This is what we call integrity - the unwavering commitment to doing what is right, regardless of the circumstances."

-Gary Steve

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