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Gary Steve motivational speaker and dad blogger
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Hello and Welcome! There’s a story behind this photo! I rushed to take these pictures before my kids came home from school. You see, I am a remote worker, a husband and a father to 3 beautiful crazy kids.


When the covid lockdowns happened, I was stuck working from home, while assisting with home school with kids under the age of five. I felt like was I losing my sanity. As someone who survived depression, a potential divorce and an identity crisis, I know the importance of staying positive, trying to keep my sanity and yearning to be valued!


Thankfully, through this purposeful pain, I discovered I've been lying to myself, compromising my beliefs and not being true to myself. The truth hurts you first. This is why I became a Leadership Keynote Speaker and started a Father Fitness Blog for busy men. Marriage and parenting taught me that I needed to KNOW what I believe and DO what you believe because someone is always seeing what your words really MEAN.

Gary Steve motivational speaker and dad blogger

Onus [ oh-nuhs ]

a difficult or disagreeable obligation, task
used to refer to something that is one's duty or responsibility


Gary Steve's son eating ice cream
Gary Steve's daughter eating ice cream

Zion and Zach

These are my two knuckle headed boys. I love them but they love to fight each other. Also, they like to destroy all that is working and operating correctly in my house. But when they get in trouble, they ALWAYS blame someone else for their problems. What is extremely disappointing is most adults fail to take responsibility as well in times of trouble. For us to truly being to have integrity and be true to ourselves, we must take ONUS. We must take responsibility for for your actions and involvement in the outcomes of our lives. When we keep pointing the finger to blame, we never grow past that blame. THE ONUS IS ON US!


She is my princess and the emperor of blame-shifting. Do not look directly into her eyes or you will believe that everything is your fault. I don't know how she learned to manipulate people but she has a gift. She is always explaining herself or complaining when she is in trouble. And you know what, we do the same thing. We are always defending ourselves or making excuses. Nowadays, nobody's at fault for anything. We are a nation of victims. Operating in responsibility involves owning up to the positive and negative consequences of your choices and behavior, rather than attributing them to external factors or others’ actions. THE ONUS IS ON US!

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Gary Steve's kids laying down on grass

You are responsible. Period.

Whether it be at home or work, we as Americans lack the skill to take responsibility for our own actions. Operating in responsibility involves owning up to the positive and negative consequences of your choices and behavior, rather than attributing them to external factors or others’ actions

Get to Know Gary Steve

Gary is a passionate and dynamic black motivational speaker based in Atlanta, with a strong desire to empower and inspire people. He has a unique ability to connect with his audience and deliver his message in an engaging and captivating manner. Through his speaking engagements, Gary aims to challenge, motivate, and encourage his listeners to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. His focus on leadership, personal development, and integrity resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Get to know Gary and experience the impact of his powerful message. 

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